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From a pencil’s point of view
by Javier F. Matias

I was designed to bring to life,
your emotions, thoughts and opinions out to shine.
My creator created me with the privilege of becoming a servant who simply
obeys and writes.
Discrimination is never in sight, for
I was not formed to focus on your appearance but on your hearts and minds,
because my mission is to become a servant who simply obeys and writes.
I’m a writer,
I’m a teacher,
I’m a foe.
I bring information to uplift a life or to breakdown a soul,
the truth is told,
fantasies are unfold,
you share your deepest secrets with me and no one knows.
I’m your imagination,
a picture is drawn by me
but you’re my inspiration.
I’m your brother and your sister,
the one who writes to you in jail and tells you I miss you,
sometimes I curse you and I diss you.
I leave you notes when I can’t reach you.
I figure out all your problems in life,
I add and subtract all your solutions in life,
I stir up fights,
I spread rumors like locust and speak with lies.
I’m under all man’s authority but the one who now possesses me has a question to ask and it goes through me.
I quote: “What does a pencil which cannot write have in common with a life without God can you tell me please?”
It’s pointless!.
This is truly been the first time I’ve been offended by the hand’s of a poet but I know he was trying to keep me humble from exalting myself and also brought to my attention that I am pointless if I don’t have a point.

p.s I want to thank my creator for creating me to become a servant who simply obeys and writes.

Sincerely yours,