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Thank you by Willie Peterson

Thank You by Willie Peterson

If music with it’s many notes, keys & chords had
A first name it would be Larry M
If gospel music with it’s familiar notes and keys had a second
Name it would be Junior M
If courage and encouragement had a suffix at the end of it’s name
It would be Senior M
If I had a dollar for every time she smiled at me and when
I was going through she said shake the devil off, give it to
The Lord in prayer, her name would be Tina M
If I’ll give you a ride to church on Sunday morning
And good looking out had two last names it would be Randle-Harvey
If the mother of going through something had a first and last name
It would be Ruby Smith
If show you right had a famous first name
It would be Tiffany M. If good food and good eating
Had a trusted name it would be Mo Mo 4 Monique
If dependability had a middle name it would be
If thank you had a last name and a suffix
It would be Arthur II
If caring and commitment chose a first
Name for herself it would be Vanessa
These are some of the beautiful people the
Lord has put in my path to enrich my life
And grow higher in Him. To them I say
Thank you and to him to all the glory
Her excellency married to his majesty
They would have two last names Graham-Neal
If talent had a last name it would be Beauty
How am I doing?