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What Matters by Lawrence Lee Belton

What Matters by Lawrence Lee Belton

Perception is the key to destiny
Clear your mind of the sensory fog; through a simple jog
Find your foundations of understanding, through past experience sharing
Through bargaining and self-mediation, find your ideation
Tell your ideas and share them, turn them into theorem.

After your organized thoughts, grant your request to get on your quest
From the diameter points of the world you’ve roamed,
To find that you have to embellish home.
Sow and grow seeds of love, follow through with moral conviction like a prescription
With only good as your only possibility, make possible, infinite possibilities
By directing your steps to only good…you step away from only bad

Now that you’re equipped for battle, fight for you world so that no one may rattle!
Clean up; now the battle is done; you’re alive and your family you’ve won
Destiny, is the life you want…step to it!

Warm like grey;
I’m elevated today as April to May,
Refreshed like under two tree shades,
Walking life is easy, I can do it sideways!