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To Fulfill a Destiny by Leland Lewis

To fulfill a destiny by Leland Lewis

A Destiny is a dream
A Destiny is a life-bound
A Destiny is a future for a man
Where can I find my destiny?

My Destiny is not from a book
My Destiny is not easy
What do we have to struggle?
Why do we chase our destinies like the wind?

It is better to try than to do nothing
It is better prove people wrong than to prove them right
They challenge your might and fortitude
Be sturdy and be free as the wind

Rock is sturdy and steady; a Destiny is like a flowing stream
Fire is like the burning soul of our sprits
Wind is freedom and flight
Water is cool and steady ready as our minds

Destiny is our dream and future
Don’t let dreams go to waste
Move as steam ready to bust
Fulfill destiny as if you conquered it