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This too Shall Pass by Eboni Crosby

Eboni Crosby
This too Shall Pass

It had to be the weather that day that made this day so wrong
It had to be a curse because something like this shouldn’t have been so strong
Hung by the neck left to choke and die
Abuse is a fallacy of unspoken lies
He said he’d love me I began to cry if he loved me so much
Why did he take from me all I had left inside?
Once I was pretty another time I was not
His pager would go off and he’d run to her spot.
Never did I ask why he treats me this way I gave him a family
But he’d come and go like the winds sway
He hit me where no man could see
But expressions are visible so I showed my hurt mentally
He kept saying it “baby I’m sorry” and like a fool
I tell him it was my fault, but I kept catching him as if he wanted to be caught.
I’ll never forget the day I almost died. It was a home coming because to fight I had to try
I laid there on the floor with blood gushing out my head
I prayed Lord take me to my resting bed. He had to had heard me because my life flashed before
My eyes he was in handcuffs and my baby by my side.
He looked at me as they reeled me out the house
The neighbor were all watching and gossiping what this was about
I survived this gun shoot, I finally got away
15 years was what his abuse paid.
The scare is still visible buts that’s not the worse, this too shall
Pass is the words that help me
To cope, but the pain on my heart is
What hurts the most.