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Thank you by Willie Peterson

Thank You by Willie Peterson

If music with it’s many notes, keys & chords had
A first name it would be Larry M
If gospel music with it’s familiar notes and keys had a second
Name it would be Junior M
If courage and encouragement had a suffix at the end of it’s name
It would be Senior M
If I had a dollar for every time she smiled at me and when
I was going through she said shake the devil off, give it to
The Lord in prayer, her name would be Tina M
If I’ll give you a ride to church on Sunday morning
And good looking out had two last names it would be Randle-Harvey
If the mother of going through something had a first and last name
It would be Ruby Smith
If show you right had a famous first name
It would be Tiffany M. If good food and good eating
Had a trusted name it would be Mo Mo 4 Monique
If dependability had a middle name it would be
If thank you had a last name and a suffix
It would be Arthur II
If caring and commitment chose a first
Name for herself it would be Vanessa
These are some of the beautiful people the
Lord has put in my path to enrich my life
And grow higher in Him. To them I say
Thank you and to him to all the glory
Her excellency married to his majesty
They would have two last names Graham-Neal
If talent had a last name it would be Beauty
How am I doing?

Initials by Chloe Williams

Initials by Chloe Williams

C is for Creative
H is for Hilarious
L is for Likeable
O is for Outgoing
E is for Energetic

R is for Respectful
O is for Outstanding
B is for Beautiful
I is for Independent
A is for Achiever
R is for Responsible
Y is for Young
N is for Nice

W is for Writing
I is for Interest
L is for Loveable
L is for Lust
I is for Irresistible
A is for Attract
M is for Music
S is for Sexy

What Matters by Lawrence Lee Belton

What Matters by Lawrence Lee Belton

Perception is the key to destiny
Clear your mind of the sensory fog; through a simple jog
Find your foundations of understanding, through past experience sharing
Through bargaining and self-mediation, find your ideation
Tell your ideas and share them, turn them into theorem.

After your organized thoughts, grant your request to get on your quest
From the diameter points of the world you’ve roamed,
To find that you have to embellish home.
Sow and grow seeds of love, follow through with moral conviction like a prescription
With only good as your only possibility, make possible, infinite possibilities
By directing your steps to only good…you step away from only bad

Now that you’re equipped for battle, fight for you world so that no one may rattle!
Clean up; now the battle is done; you’re alive and your family you’ve won
Destiny, is the life you want…step to it!

Warm like grey;
I’m elevated today as April to May,
Refreshed like under two tree shades,
Walking life is easy, I can do it sideways!

Untitled by Jeff Beder

Untitled by Jeff Beder

Grand Canyon is rolling a tire off the side
And watching it plummet from the summit
Bouncing off layers of Pleistocene rock
Till it finally lands in a blue-green island
Of desert saving water
The deepness of the cavern
Hidden shade bone dry fingernails
Of harsh but beautiful land
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To Fulfill a Destiny by Leland Lewis

To fulfill a destiny by Leland Lewis

A Destiny is a dream
A Destiny is a life-bound
A Destiny is a future for a man
Where can I find my destiny?

My Destiny is not from a book
My Destiny is not easy
What do we have to struggle?
Why do we chase our destinies like the wind?

It is better to try than to do nothing
It is better prove people wrong than to prove them right
They challenge your might and fortitude
Be sturdy and be free as the wind

Rock is sturdy and steady; a Destiny is like a flowing stream
Fire is like the burning soul of our sprits
Wind is freedom and flight
Water is cool and steady ready as our minds

Destiny is our dream and future
Don’t let dreams go to waste
Move as steam ready to bust
Fulfill destiny as if you conquered it

Meal For One by Marijo Giblin

Meal for One by Marijo Giblin

in the back of the freezer
for the ice cream
she knocks down
one of those TV dinners
with the calories listed on the front
and the corn rattles against its plastic compartment
like a maraca
reminding her of the
Latin Dance class finale
and how he snuck off
with the instructor
even though she was wearing
her favorite red dress.

Chili by Joyce Walker

Chili by Joyce Walker

Chili with beans and meat,
Crackers in a bowl
Are such a treat
Some hot sauce for heat!
Mix together
So very neat
And after you eat
Hot chili beans and meat!
Try to find a toilet seat!
From a pencil’s point of view
by Javier F. Matias

I was designed to bring to life,
your emotions, thoughts and opinions out to shine.
My creator created me with the privilege of becoming a servant who simply
obeys and writes.
Discrimination is never in sight, for
I was not formed to focus on your appearance but on your hearts and minds,
because my mission is to become a servant who simply obeys and writes.
I’m a writer,
I’m a teacher,
I’m a foe.
I bring information to uplift a life or to breakdown a soul,
the truth is told,
fantasies are unfold,
you share your deepest secrets with me and no one knows.
I’m your imagination,
a picture is drawn by me
but you’re my inspiration.
I’m your brother and your sister,
the one who writes to you in jail and tells you I miss you,
sometimes I curse you and I diss you.
I leave you notes when I can’t reach you.
I figure out all your problems in life,
I add and subtract all your solutions in life,
I stir up fights,
I spread rumors like locust and speak with lies.
I’m under all man’s authority but the one who now possesses me has a question to ask and it goes through me.
I quote: “What does a pencil which cannot write have in common with a life without God can you tell me please?”
It’s pointless!.
This is truly been the first time I’ve been offended by the hand’s of a poet but I know he was trying to keep me humble from exalting myself and also brought to my attention that I am pointless if I don’t have a point.

p.s I want to thank my creator for creating me to become a servant who simply obeys and writes.

Sincerely yours,

This too Shall Pass by Eboni Crosby

Eboni Crosby
This too Shall Pass

It had to be the weather that day that made this day so wrong
It had to be a curse because something like this shouldn’t have been so strong
Hung by the neck left to choke and die
Abuse is a fallacy of unspoken lies
He said he’d love me I began to cry if he loved me so much
Why did he take from me all I had left inside?
Once I was pretty another time I was not
His pager would go off and he’d run to her spot.
Never did I ask why he treats me this way I gave him a family
But he’d come and go like the winds sway
He hit me where no man could see
But expressions are visible so I showed my hurt mentally
He kept saying it “baby I’m sorry” and like a fool
I tell him it was my fault, but I kept catching him as if he wanted to be caught.
I’ll never forget the day I almost died. It was a home coming because to fight I had to try
I laid there on the floor with blood gushing out my head
I prayed Lord take me to my resting bed. He had to had heard me because my life flashed before
My eyes he was in handcuffs and my baby by my side.
He looked at me as they reeled me out the house
The neighbor were all watching and gossiping what this was about
I survived this gun shoot, I finally got away
15 years was what his abuse paid.
The scare is still visible buts that’s not the worse, this too shall
Pass is the words that help me
To cope, but the pain on my heart is
What hurts the most.